Thursday, 10 May 2018

Services Rendered By Various Mathas in Lord Jagannath Dham, Puri

1. Emar Matha: Provides Chamara and Canopy Seva.Chandrika made of flower are supplied daily.

2. Uttar Parswa Matha : Offers daily Mohan Bhoga (made of coarse flour and sugar) to distribute among the devotees.

3. Trimali Matha : Offers Bhoga during Chandan Yatra.

4. Raghabadas Matha : Offers Bhoga at the time of Ballav (Morning Tiffin), Chamar and Alata seva. Hativesa on the day of Snana Purnima.

5. Jaganath Ballav Matha : Associates with many rituals of Lord, such as Ramanabami, Dola Yatra, Dayanachori, Lakha Vindha, Dussahara. Provides lotus flower for decoration of Lord and ornaments made of flower.

6. Govardhan Matha : Chief of Muktimandap Pandit Sabha and gives final opinion on Niti and rituals of Sri Jagannath temple.

7. Badachhata Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva,Kirtan at the time of daily Puja, and Chandan Yatra, to recite some traditional songs at the time of Mangal arati and Bada singhar.

8. Radhakanta Matha : Cleaning of Gundicha temple before Car Festival.

9. Jhanjapita Matha : Offers seva and puja at the lotus feet of Lord inside the compound wall of the temple.

10. Bada Odia Matha : Provides Ballav Bhoga (Morning Tiffin) of Lord. Alata and Chamar Seva.

11. Dakhinaparswa Matha : Canopy Seva and Chamar Seva.

12. Revasa Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

13. Gangamata Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

14. Radhavallav Math a : Alata and Chamar Seva.

15. Ramji Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

16. Sana Chhata Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

17. Goswami Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

18. Venkatachari Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

19. Nua Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

20. Mangu Matha : Alata and Chamar Seva.

21. Labanikhia Matha : Sports of Lord during Krishna Janma.

22. Kapadia Matha : Provides dress materials.

23. Dasavatar Matha : Cultural function

24. Sunagoswami Matha : Flower garlands for decoration.

25. Sivatirtha Matha : Provides tooth brush for Lord.

26. Mahiprakash Matha : Provides tooth brush.

27. Darpanarayan Matha : Offers flower garlands.

28. Gopaltirtha Matha : Hati Vesha for Lord Balabhadra.

29. Rani Matha : Provides decorated Tahia

30. Nandimata Matha : To stick jari in patta

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