Saturday, 10 February 2018

Amazing journey from Rice to Nirmalya

1. Rice that is used for cooking at Lord Jagannath Temple at Puri is called Amunia

2. Cooked rice is called Anna.

3. When cooked rice moved out of Temple Kitchen, it is called Chheka

4. When kept on the Bhairavi Chakra, it is called as Bhoga

5. When Bhoga is surrendered to 3 deities, it is Naibedya

6. When Naibedya is offered to Goddess Bimala, it is called Mahaprasad

7. When Mahaprasad is placed before Panch Parameswar it is called Kaibalya

8. When kaibalya is consumed by people, it is called Abadha

9. Leftover of Abadha is dried up which is known as Nirmalya !!!

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